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Sending A Horse Through New Start

New Start Standardbreds works with owners on an individual needs basis to help rehome horses and give owners peace of mind in knowing that their equine companion is safe, and has a long term safety plan in place. We request that all owners are as honest and open as possible about their horse, in order to find them the best matched home. 


A variety of different guidelines and programs are in place when sending a horse through New Start.

Owners are asked to begin by filling out the intake form that is below. This application includes detailed information about the horse, such as its age, health status, temperament, training level, and any unique characteristics or needs. Providing accurate and comprehensive information is crucial to help the adoption program assess the horse and find the right match. We will then connect with an owner via email, to request any follow up - included in this follow up will be the request for photos and potentially video of the horse that the intake form was provided for. 

We know that each situation is unique, and we do our best to help in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Please note we do not always have emergency spaces available, and we do not have a facility of our own. We will do our best to help as best we can in each situation.

If an owner wishes to keep their horse in their care until placement, then owners may choose to ask a fee for their horse, and that fee will be theirs. However, New Start does request that owners donate a minimum of 10% to New Start, this will be used to transfer the Standardbred Canada ownership of the horse to New Start, as well as cover any other documentation fees in the transfer process.

Owners and New Start are not required to pay for shipping a horse to an adoptive home, or for any veterinary evaluations prior to adoption. Owners may be asked if they can provide shipping, or know of someone who can help with shipping for a horse to go to their adopted home. 


If an owner requires a horse to join our foster care program, then they are required to assist with trailering in some capacity. A tax receipt will be provided to offset any costs associated with this request.

When an adopter is found for a horse or if the horse is placed in one of our qualified foster homes, the owners of the horse will be required to sign a Release of Ownership form that states the horse will now be under the watch and guidance of New Start Standardbreds.  This includes the transfer of Standardbred Canada ownership to New Start Standardbreds.

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