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Fostering A Standardbred

Interested in becoming a Foster Home?

Fostering an equine through our horse rescue program is a pivotal part of our mission.


As a foster, you'll provide temporary care, love, and support to a horse in need. The process involves an initial assessment to match you with a suitable equine based on your experience, space, and available resources. Once matched, we provide guidance, support, and necessary supplies to ensure the well-being of the fostered horse.


Fostering offers a crucial bridge between rescue and permanent adoption, allowing horses to experience a loving home environment while they await their forever home. It's a rewarding experience that directly contributes to the rehabilitation and eventual placement of these incredible animals.

Our foster program runs on a number of different styles that cater to the needs of each horse, each foster home and the situation that the horse may be coming from.

EMERGENCY CASES - Horses that are hard to place (behavioural, medical or other issues)

Full costs are covered for as long as they are in foster care.

These horses may be long-term or short-term placements depending on their needs.

Hay, grain, shavings, etc. we just don’t cover wages or “time” spent providing care.

EMERGENCY CASES - Horses that are easy placements and do not categorize as above

Full costs as above are covered for up to 3 months.

Within that 3 month timeframe, these horses may be adopted out or move to our main facilities.

RETIREMENT/SANCTUARY PLACEMENTS - Horses that are companions or light riding sound

Grain, Farrier, Vet and Supplements are covered for the entirety of fostering.

Hay and daily care needs are not covered. 

TRAINING PLACEMENTS - Horses that are sound, healthy and capable of full riding careers

Vet, Farrier, Supplements are covered for the entirety of fostering.

Adoption fees are split between foster home and the adoption program.

Obviously there are exceptions! We have some fosters who cover things because they wish to, and some that need some things covered but maybe not others depending on their situation. We do our best to make each foster home individualized to that home and the horse they are fostering.

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Our foster-to-adopt situation for a horse is an arrangement where someone temporarily fosters a horse with the intention of potentially adopting them in the future. Our foster-to-adopt opportunities are 3 months in length (although the home can decide yes or no before that 3 months is up!) 

This approach allows someone to assess whether the horse is a good fit for their home and lifestyle, while also giving the horse time to adjust to its new environment. During the fostering period, the foster family provides care, love, and support to the horse, and they work closely with us to monitor the horse's well-being and behaviour. If the answer is "yes" to the situation, then the home would sign the adoption agreement and take on full responsibility of the horse. If the answer is "no", then the foster would be reimbursed the costs spent on the horse during the foster period, and the horse would either be picked up by the program, or would go under a regular foster contract until they are rehomed. 

Foster-to-adopt means that you do not pay an adoption fee up front, but you are responsibility for the daily care costs of the horse. Anything that is covered by the organization during the foster to adopt period, is then made into a reduced adoption fee, if the home chooses to adopt. Homes are asked to keep their receipts of what they spend during the trial time, if the home is not a good fit, then reimbursement of those costs (hay, feed, shavings, supplements, farrier, vet) would be reimbursed. 

To avoid a home potentially doing this just for a couple months with a horse and getting their money back - homes are only allowed to use our foster to adopt program once within a 365 day period. We don't want to be unnecessarily bouncing horses around!


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