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Learn About Our Fostering Program


The New Start Standardbreds fostering program has two types of fostering homes that we regularly look for - Training Fosters and Emergency Fosters. We also are always looking for basic homes that simply have a space available and can offer a horse a safe haven!

Interested in becoming a Foster Home?

There is an application form you would be required to fill out, along with information about what you would require from New Start in order to be successful as a foster home. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our foster homes, that will also allow us to provide owners with proven track records when they are looking at sending a horse through our foster program.


EMERGENCY- you are willing to provide immediate, short term emergency stays for horses in immediate need of a safe place to land. Horses would stay less than 3 months until a long-term space is open, if the potential for longer is needed, it can be discussed if that is possible. This is for horses coming from neglect, abandonment or other emergency related situations. It may require rehabilitation experience, which can be noted in your application if you have the ability and knowledge to provide different rehabilitation techniques, including re-feeding programs, treating injuries and ailments, etc.

TRAINING - under this guideline, you must have experience retraining horses to under saddle disciplines. Experience with Standardbreds is an asset, but you only require an open mind and willingness to want to help this breed to succeed in an off-the-track career. 

OTHER - do you simply have a spot in your pasture and want to offer a safe haven for a horse in need? Need a horse to be a friend for one until you get a permanent horse? Looking for a horse to bring along as a summer project and then work on rehoming in the fall? Reach out to us - we may very well be able to offer you an opportunity with our foster program!


Our foster homes are each completely individualized for the horse and the foster caretaker. We work with you to create a plan that works for you, the horse, and the organization. We believe in setting our foster homes up for success, and giving back when we can! The more that a foster home covers themselves, the more % of the adoption fee that we will provide back to the foster home as a THANK YOU for all of their hard work and dedication to a horse.

Submit your application

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