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Learn About Our Fostering Program


Interested in becoming a Foster Home?

There is an application form you would be required to fill out, along with information about what you would require from New Start in order to be successful as a foster home. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our foster homes, that will also allow us to provide owners with proven track records when they are looking at sending a horse through our foster program.

Our foster program runs on a number of different styles that cater to the needs of each horse, each foster home and the situation that the horse may be coming from.

EMERGENCY CASES - Horses that are hard to place (behavioural, medical or other issues)

Full costs are covered for as long as they are in foster care.

These horses may be long-term or short-term placements depending on their needs.

Hay, grain, shavings, etc. we just don’t cover wages or “time” spent providing care.

EMERGENCY CASES - Horses that are easy placements and do not categorize as above

Full costs as above are covered for up to 3 months.

Within that 3 month timeframe, these horses may be adopted out or move to our main facilities.

RETIREMENT/SANCTUARY PLACEMENTS - Horses that are companions or light riding sound

Grain, Farrier, Vet and Supplements are covered for the entirety of fostering.

Hay and daily care needs are not covered. 

TRAINING PLACEMENTS - Horses that are sound, healthy and capable of full riding careers

Vet, Farrier, Supplements are covered for the entirety of fostering.

Adoption fees are split between foster home and the adoption program.

Obviously there are exceptions! We have some fosters who cover things because they wish to, and some that need some things covered but maybe not others depending on their situation. We do our best to make each foster home individualized to that home and the horse they are fostering.

Submit your application

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