Want to see what horses we have in our program?


New Start Standardbreds was founded in 2020 to assist in the re-homing of Standardbred horses across the province of Ontario. In 2021, New Start Standardbreds has begun to open it's area of operations to include the province of Quebec. A French-speaking liaison is available to assist anyone who may feel more comfortable conversing in French. 


New Start Standardbreds works with Standardbred owners and caretakers to ensure that their equine(s) find safe, stable and caring homes through our application and assessments that match horses to adopters. We also operate a thorough post-adoption checkup "Champions" program, which ensures the long-term happiness and safety of all horses that go under the New Start Standardbreds name.


While the majority of horses that will come through the New Start doors are horses retiring off of the racetrack, or are already in post-race careers; New Start also operates a specialized program that will focus on elderly and injured Standardbreds.


These horses are the most at-risk for finding themselves in auction houses, or sent directly to dealers. While euthanasia is the likely outcome for these horses, not all owners can afford this option. Our Compassionate Care program will offer a non-judgmental option for owners to seek assistance on the final life expectation for their Standardbred. Learn more about this program on our Compassionate Care page.

New Start Standardbreds is a registered Canadian Charity. 

We are also a proud member of Standardbred Canada.