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Welcome to New Start Standardbreds!


We were founded in 2020 and are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Standardbred horses, providing them with a second chance at a fulfilling life once their racing days are over. Our mission is to ensure these remarkable animals find caring homes and experience the love they deserve and received during their racing careers.  

New Start's main base of operations is in Ontario, Canada but we are thrilled to also be building on an expansion of New Start's outreach program across the Eastern provinces into the Maritimes! With a steadfast commitment to the well-being of our beloved Standardbreds, we are extending our reach to ensure that more Standardbreds in need receive the care and support they deserve. Through this expansion, we aim to broaden our impact, offering our specialized services and expertise to a wider community of owners, adopters, and supporters. Whether it's providing sanctuary/rehabilitation to retired racehorses, facilitating adoptions, or offering educational programs, our mission remains unwavering.

New Start is 100% volunteer run. Not a single person is compensated financially. Our entire team has jobs, and puts their blood, sweat, tears and the free time they have into networking and helping these horses. Our program is 100% unfunded. Every single dollar comes from donations, fundraisers and adoption fees. 

Here at New Start, we believe in the significance of aftercare. Beyond rescue and adoption, we prioritize the lifelong well-being of these horses. Our aftercare initiatives involve ongoing support for adopters, educational resources, and a community network fostering responsible horse ownership. We will help place a horse no matter their age, physical limitation or where they are coming from. A large number of horses that we help are coming from situations where they are in need of rehabilitation and care to be back to feeling their best possible selves. We also work with kind and compassionate owners who have horses they would like to place directly off the track and run an open door policy for questions and transparency.

Aftercare is pivotal in ensuring the successful transition and continued welfare of adopted Standardbred horses. By providing guidance, resources, and a supportive community, we aim to create lasting bonds between horses and their new families, fostering a fulfilling life for both.

Join us in our journey to help rehome, rescue, rehabilitate, and provide ongoing care for Standardbred horses. Together, we can make a difference in these majestic animals' lives.

New Start Standardbreds is a registered Canadian Charity. 

We are also a proud member of Standardbred Canada.


Equine Expedition Leader: Kimberly Hale 
Mane Mission Strategist:
Jasmine Gray-Scott
Herd Harmony Director: Karen Duck
Hay and Heart Overseer: Christina Wright-Robertson
Pasture Policy Pioneer: Hailey Van Den Heuvel
Hoofprint Visionary: Crystal McArthur

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The Board of Directors has chosen to make our meeting minutes readily accessible on our webpage to enhance transparency and accountability within our organization. We believe that open communication with our supporters is paramount to building trust and fostering a sense of community. By sharing our meeting minutes, we aim to provide our viewers with an inside look at our decision-making processes, goals, and discussions. This transparency ensures that everyone has the opportunity to stay informed about our initiatives, objectives, and the progress we make together. We encourage our valued followers to explore these records, as it empowers you to become more engaged and actively participate in our mission.

January 23, 2024

February 25, 2024

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