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New Start Standardbreds was founded in 2020 to assist in the re-homing of Standardbred horses across the province of Ontario & Eastern Canada. New Start is 100% volunteer run. Not a single person is compensated financially. Our entire team has jobs, and puts their blood, sweat, tears and the free time they have into networking and helping these horses. Our program is 100% unfunded. Every single dollar comes from donations, fundraisers and adoption fees. 


We work with Standardbred owners and caretakers to ensure that their equine(s) find safe, stable and caring homes through our application and assessments that match horses to adopters. We ensure the long-term safety of each horse and we continue to do post-adoption check-ins on a regular basis with all adopters. 

We will help place a horse no matter their age, physical limitation or where they are coming from. A large number of horses that we help are coming from situations where they are in need of rehabilitation and care to be back to feeling their best possible selves. We will always work with owners who have horses they would like to place directly off the track and run an open door policy for questions and transparency.

New Start Standardbreds is a registered Canadian Charity. 

We are also a proud member of Standardbred Canada.


President / Co - Founder - Kimberly Hale

Vice-President / Co - Founder - Jasmine Gray-Scott

Secretary / Treasurer - Maggie Robinson

Director - Karen Duck

Director - Nancy Gredig


One of the best ways to support our program is to consider becoming a monthly donor! You can do so for as little as $5.00 a month - each and every dollar adds up and goes towards the care of the horses in our foster care program! Please find a monthly donor sign up form below. 


Alternatively - if you wish to donate via E-Transfer, you can do so by sending it to 

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