Let's Learn About Standardbreds!


Standardbreds are amazing horses and they make wonderful partners. However we often hear people leery or worried about getting a Standardbred because they still carry a "stigma" especially in the show world. People are not comfortable with them because of their extra gaits, and they do not find them as easy to teach certain disciplines, as other breeds can be, because they take more time to get them consistent in their gaits.

We hope that these testimonials and stories about the breed will help you to make your decision a bit easier when you're looking at bringing a Standardbred into your life! 

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I have worked with dozens of breeds in multiple professions from racing, polo, jumping and dressage and Standardbreds are just special. I’m not the only one who thinks so, I’ve come across multiple people who have independently said the same. Having cared for and trained close to 2000 Standardbreds in my life, they are super intelligent & quick to learn, level-headed, athletic, versatile, kind-natured, eager to please, people-focused horses with big lovable personalities. They give back what you put into them times ten and once you have one, you'll very likely fall under their spell like so many others. - Sadie

Rylie 14 year old Off the track Standardbred, love her to bits as I’ve been blessed to be able have her in my life through her adoption home. Rylie was a quick learner under saddle which I was then able to take her off property on a 3 day camping trail riding trip only 2 weeks of me riding her under saddle. She was so calm and amazing on the trip. Rylie is very forward so tends to like being lead rather then in back of a trail, she also loves people and is one of the first to come up when someone is around to see if you might have some treats and love to give her.- Cindy


“Bunny Boy” dubbed “Bugsy” is my main man. He was adopted through New Start as a companion. Within 2 months of having him he took a saddle and a few weeks later he took his first rider. To this day (about a year later) he has never offered anything nasty. He can be a bit nervous and definitely looks to his rider for confidence and reassurance but other than that he is the perfect trail horse. He has carried an advanced rider but has also taken the green rider to hit the trails. We even dabble in western games. To watch him you wouldn’t know that he has no formal training. I would 100% recommend a Standardbred, they are so willing to please their person ❤️.
 - Steph

My current Standardbred is named Natural Habitat (6EP17). I call him Hab now, as I did when I raced him 10 years ago. Before him, I raced and retired At Your Service N. They have both been calm, intelligent and extremely level headed. When Hab arrived from the kill pen he had a broken coffin bone and needed 6 to 9 months of stall rest. I was so scared about how he would deal with this added step after all of his trauma. He and I became very close during this time and instead of losing his mind with boredom, he took it all in stride. It was like he understood that this was a small step to reach an amazing retirement. I am just beginning to work with him now on a lunge line and I hope to be able to trail ride him eventually. The gratitude in his eyes every day shows me true love from an animal. He may have been saved from slaughter but I get the biggest miracle every day when he nickers to me. I promise you will not regret giving your time, affection and efforts to a Standardbred. They are magnificent. They are willing to try any sport or job you show them. They are so much more than pacing or trotting.
 - Emily


To start- I never thought I’d own a standardbred. I never thought that he would be the love of my life. I was a 18 on the verge of 19 year old kid, and with the pandemic I decided to get back into horses. I said why not, why not get back horse scene. I had my eyes set on a few other horses and then one day Mac (Mach Attack) arrived at the farm I was riding at. And my life forever changed. After my trainer saddled him up and made sure he was (he was and still is very safe). After that she gave me the opportunity to work with him. I part boarded him for a year, then free leased him for a few months, then purchased. Mac is the biggest sweetheart I know. I call him my giant dog, he is my baby boy the love of my life. I struggle to make connections and he has taught me how to make those and how to love. Most important- He’s taught me how to love the sport. He taught me that the little things in life matter just as much as the big things. He is my heart horse and I never thought I’d have that. Standardbreds have this forgiving, loveable attitude. They want you to love them and they want to love you. When a standardbred enters your life, they leave their mark. Adopt a standardbred. You won’t regret it.
 - Renee