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Interested in Adopting? Find our application here!

Interested in Fostering? Find our application here!

* Lyons Rock (2 year old gelding)
* Alpha Major (18 year old gelding)
* Manhattan Killean (22 year old mare)
* Honeys Bud Lite (23 year old mare)
*Beauty Delight (17 year old mare)
* Right Attitude (7 year old gelding)
* Idontwanabefriends (11 year old gelding)
* So Cute Hanover (15 year old mare)
* Lynx (11 year old unregistered gelding)
* Rose Master M C (15 year old mare)
* Justdowhatyoucando (15 year old mare)



Age: 17 Years Old (April 5, 2006)
Height: 15.2hh
Suitability: Companion / Pleasure Riding

Fancy is a gorgeous and well put together mare who has been incredibly well cared for her entire life and is very loved by her owner - however she is hoping there might be someone out there who would have the time and experience to give Fancy more time and experience. Fancy has been ridden - has done trails and participated in a few low level shows, however she can be finicky under saddle and needs a confident rider who can push her through the 'mare moments'.


She is great to work with in the barn, but is extremely intelligent and knows if she can get away with something. She has had chiropractic, veterinary assessments, etc. and given a clean bill of health - she's just a very smart lady who knows she wears a crown! Fancy's owner wants to ensure she stays nearby so she can stay in touch and will always offer Fancy a place to go if it doesn't work out.


With this in mind, we won't look at applications outside of 2 hours away from her current location. If you are looking for a fun mare with tons of life left in her, who will keep you laughing and on your toes - Fancy is your girl! She also is an excellent companion in the field, middle of the pecking order and would be a great babysitter. 


Located in Essex, Ontario


Age: 16 Years Old (May 1, 2007)
Height: 15.2hh
Suitability: Companion / Light Riding

Sage had a successful broodmare career and is now ready for something new in life. She had a paddock accident when she was young that kept her from being a racehorse herself, however a quarter tab of Previcox daily has her sound and comfortable to look at a riding career. 

Sage is quite sensitive and worries easily; so someone who is quiet and confident, and who will not push her, is an ideal candidate for Sage's future. She does struggle with change, so you would need to recognize that it will take time in a new place to settle. 


She is also sensitive around her back end lady bits, not uncommon in ex broodmares, so someone who can work WITH her, instead of fighting her, would be Sages perfect soulmate. 

This sweet mare has so much to give the world, she just needs someone who is willing to take a chance to work together and bond with her!

Please Note: We are willing to cover the cost of her medications for the duration of her lifespan, for her adopter!


Located in Essex, Ontario


Age: 20 Years Old (May 9, 2003)
Height: 15.3hh approx.
Suitability: ​​Companion/Trails

Lady is a gorgeous THICK retired broodmare who is now looking for a  new home! Lady has been well loved by her family, but due to her owners declining health, she changed homes and is now looking for a permanent retirement. Lady is the mother of 6, all of whom made the races and including a couple that have made over $100,000. Lady herself didn't have a race career, and has been a farm 'pet' her entire life.

She lives outside 24/7 and is an easy keeper. She does have strong heat cycles so does best pastured with mares where she is less likely to drive geldings crazy. She is near the top of the pecking order and is very brave.


Lady can be a bit pushy, but she is learning her manners and is quick to learn! She has not been backed yet but has been saddled and acted as if it's something she's done her entire life. This gorgeous mare is sound, sane and truly in search of a small job where she will be loved and spoiled for the rest of her days!

Located in Gananoque, Ontario