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* 18 Year Old Gelding
* 18 Year Old Gelding
* 18 Year Old Mare
* 8 Year Old Gelding (Rehab)



Age: 17 Years Old (March 26, 2007)
Height: 16hh approx.
Suitability: ​​Companion

Fynn is a sweet and gentle gelding who was purchased at auction by an Amish man, but Fynn was found to have an old injury to his fetlock that has resulted in permanent unsoundness. The Amish man graciously gave him to his neighbour, who is hoping to find Fynn a permanent retirement home.

They have had x-rays completed, and have been working on corrective trimming to assist in Fynn's comfort level. He is on previcox and is pasture comfortable. The vet feels he has a good retirement future ahead of him, as long as he continues to get proper farrier care and his meds.


Fynn is a well-mannered boy who loves attention, but he can be a bit protective of his food - not unsurprising as he was underweight and is still gaining it back! He has no "horse" friends at his current home, and they really hope that he will be able to find a safe placement with proper friends his own size, where he can enjoy being a horse!

Located in Englehart, Ontario



Age: 12 Years Old (Born sometime in April 2012)
Height: 14.3hh
Suitability: Trail Riding

Lynx is a gorgeous gelding whose registration was not completed when he was a baby - but he is freeze branded. We purchased him from auction in early November 2023 and he has now completed his quarantine. He was sold as being with the Amish but was a bit sticky to "start" down the road. 

Lynx was diagnosed with overworked hind suspensories, so will be best for a trail riding future, with a rider under 180lbs and likely would benefit from therapy/supportive boots.

Currently he is on 24/7 turnout, grained twice a day although could be on 24/7 hay with no grain. Lynx had never had his teeth floated before we purchased him, and he required significant dental work, as well as a surgical removal of an infected and broken tooth (approximately $2,500) at the end of February 2024. He will require semi-annual dental floats for life, to ensure that his teeth stay healthy and on track for long-term success. He is UTD on his farrier, vaccinations and deworming.

Lynx is an extremely gentle, sweet and overall amazing horse who is going to be a wonderful companion and partner for the right person.

Update February 2024: Lynx has now been backed under saddle and shows no issues taking a rider's weight. It will take a good foundation, as he has no idea what is being asked of him and is not super confident in himself. Lynx is not incredibly brave so needs a quiet and confident person to bring him along!


Located in Campbellford, Ontario

FEE REDUCED 50% (until April 24th)


Age: 16 Years Old (April 26, 2012)
Height: 15.3hh
Suitability: Companion / Light Riding

Rose is a beautiful dark brown mare who was purchased from a dealer locally in the area, who was planning to send her to the QC slaughter plant. She has an old injury to her ankle but it is hard, and she seems to be sound on it. Our hope is that this should not affect her for a light riding career! 

Rose is extremely sweet and in your pocket, she has lots of personality and loves attention. She can be quite herd bound and doesn't yet see people as the place to "turn to" to enjoy company when she could be with other horses. After all of the changes in her life, this isn't a surprise.

Rose needs someone patient and understanding who will help her through her mental hurdles and learn to fully trust people again. She has been backed, but it will take a lot of foundation for her to be confident under saddle - we do not recommend she go to a home who treats her as a typical "hop on and go" Standardbred. That's not her style!


FEE WAIVED (until April 24th)