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Age: 11 Years Old (April 8, 2012)
Height: 15hh
Suitability: Trail Riding /Flat Work

Myla is a gorgeous, young mare who shockingly was pulled from a direct ship pen in February 2023. She arrived to our care in late March and has some behavioural quirks to work through, but is a favourite in the barn because she absolutely LOVES snuggles.


She is quite sensitive with her hind end, a combination of clear mistreatment and just general discomfort. She has been veterinary assessed and there are no major issues, but her body needs a few weeks of time to rest and heal. We recommend giving her the summer "off" with light work and bonding.


With continued care, time and TLC, Myla will be 100% sound for a flat work riding career. She has a super cute trot and a forward uphill canter in the field. She loves to be outside and does get bored quickly when in a stall. She will stand for hours to be groomed, but does prefer someone with a quiet and gentle touch.


She is a dainty little mare who is going to make a fun project and partner for the right person.


Located in Campbellford, Ontario


Age: 17 Years Old (April 5, 2006)
Height: 15.2hh
Suitability: Companion / Pleasure Riding

Fancy is a gorgeous and well put together mare who has been incredibly well cared for her entire life and is very loved by her owner - however she is hoping there might be someone out there who would have the time and experience to give Fancy more time and experience. Fancy has been ridden - has done trails and participated in a few low level shows, however she can be finicky under saddle and needs a confident rider who can push her through the 'mare moments'.


She is great to work with in the barn, but is extremely intelligent and knows if she can get away with something. She has had chiropractic, veterinary assessments, etc. and given a clean bill of health - she's just a very smart lady who knows she wears a crown! Fancy's owner wants to ensure she stays nearby so she can stay in touch and will always offer Fancy a place to go if it doesn't work out.


With this in mind, we won't look at applications outside of 2 hours away from her current location. If you are looking for a fun mare with tons of life left in her, who will keep you laughing and on your toes - Fancy is your girl! She also is an excellent companion in the field, middle of the pecking order and would be a great babysitter. 


Located in Essex, Ontario

20% DISCOUNT if adopted by June 15th!