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: 16 Years Old (May 1, 2007)
Height: 15.2hh
Suitability: Companion / Light Driving or Riding

Sage is a gorgeous broodmare is ready for her next chapter! She has been a successful mama for many years, with 9 foals and at least 4 of them still at the races in 2022. Unfortunately a paddock accident when she was young cut her own race career short, and she is not 100% sound because of that. It doesn't bother her one bit though as a pasture companion, and has an excellent demeanor. She would make an amazing EAL therapy candidate and with maintenance, may be suited for light pleasure driving or riding for a lighter rider (she has never been ridden). Sage is now in our foster care program and it has taken her some time to adjust, as she did go through a bought of colic due to the stress and weather change at the same time. She has been started on Previcox and on an extremely low dose, is showing major improvement in soundness.

$0.00 to an approved home

Located in Essex, Ontario

: 21 Years Old (March 13, 2002)
Height: 15.3hh approx.
Suitability: Companion/Pleasure Riding

Jay is a handsome chunk of a gelding who found himself discarded in the PA kill pen in October. He is covered in harness scars and has clearly lived a very hard life. Through it all, he still holds his head high and is still sound. He did have a bit of a hard time adjusting to "semi retired" life; and was quite nervous for the first few weeks when he arrived to his foster home, however when he figured out the routine, he settled down. Jay accepted a rider and could very likely learn about the under saddle life, to be able to explore the trails; as he very much would still love to have a job. He also would be a great companion, or could likely be a nice pleasure driving horse given his history. He can live outside 24/7 with a blanket in the winter, or can be stalled at night. Jay does best with a small, quiet herd who will share their calming energy with him. He would do best in a gelding only herd, he got a bit worked up in quarantine being paddocked in a mixed herd; which tells us that he may have been gelded later in his life. He is great to handle, although has a ton of energy at turnout after he's had a good nights sleep in his stall! You'd never know that Jay went through the years of hard work that he did, he has the energy of a horse half his age and would make an excellent addition for someone wanting a senior horse who needs a person to bond with. 

$250.00 to an approved home

Located in Rockwood, Ontario


: 19 Years Old (April 26, 2003)
Height: 15.2hh 
Suitability: TBD

Jace is a trotting bred gelding who never raced. He’s clearly been hard used in his life, but it has not soured his sweet and kind demeanour whatsoever.  He needs a lot of weight and we are going to go aggressively with treatment to try to help fix what we can regarding his other issues. He moves not too bad, considering he’s clearly spent many years pulling a very heavy load. Rest, relaxation and treatment will help him find his comfort zone. His immediate care costs are over $300 per month, so sponsors are imperative to allow us to get Jace everything he needs to be back on track to being healthy, happy and comfortable. Please consider a donation towards his care in rehabilitation! Update November 2022: Jace continues to battle not only severe hoof rot, but also arthritis and ligament damage from going so long walking on his toes due to his sore heels. He is one medications that costs upwards of an additional $200 monthly, and we are cautiously optimistic we will be able to get Jace to a comfort level to live his days as a pasture companion. 

Located in Campbellford, Ontario

: 16 Years Old (February 6, 2006)
Height: TBD
Suitability: TBD