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: 28 Years Old (April 24, 1994)
Height: 15,3hh approx
Suitability: Companion

Bliss is a super sweet senior mare who was picked up into a temporary home to get her out of the living arrangements she was in as she needed a place to go. This lovely girl can be a bit pushy, however loves attention and would make an excellent addition to any family! She adjusts well in a new home, but is a bit attached to new horses (which is not uncommon!). She would need some time to settle in, but would make a wonderful companion. She does not look or act her age at all! She was vaccinated and had her teeth floated at the beginning of April 2022. She is due for the farrier in mid-May. She can be bossy in a herd so best in a smaller group. Bliss deserves her forever retirement home where she will be able to live out her days peacefully and be loved!

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Located in Brantford, Ontario

: 16 Years Old (April 20, 2006)
Height: 16hh approx
Suitability: Companion / Light Riding

Brownie is a lovely mare who's owner is going through personal life changes and she hopes there is someone out there who can give her the attention she deserves! She recently moved facility and is already seeing major improvement in Brownie. The facility would love to continue boarding her if someone is interested in adopting her and keeping her there! She is an easy keeper and is on 24/7 turnout. She is great with people, children and other animals however can be pushy on the ground and needs handling reminders that human space is to be respected.. She can be ridden but due to her body shape, needs a proper fitted saddle. She would do best with a light rider for trails as she does get flair ups of arthritis and would do best on a joint supplement. Due to her owner's situation, Brownie needs a home or foster offer in place by May 31st, 2022She comes with her blanket, halter and lead, is up to date on her farrier, deworming, vaccinations and teeth floating.

$0.00 to an approved home

Located in Cambridge, Ontario


: 13 Years Old (May 5, 2009)
Height: 16.1hh approx
Suitability: Anything, with Training

Jack is a stunning gelding whose owner would love to see him have a job! He is sound, retired off the track in 2020 and has the potential to go in any direction. He has the right mentality to make an excellent low level endurance prospect. He is blind in the right eye but it doesn't bother him in any way. Jack is a bit particular about his field turnout and would do best with only 1 or 2 geldings that are not super low on the pecking order and will stand up for themselves if need be. He would also be fine with a mare, but does not do well in mixed turnout. He is not yet broke to ride but should not take much at all to get him going. He is not spooky and loves attention, easy to work with and handle. 

$0.00 to an approved home

Located in Chatsworth, Ontario


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: 23 Years Old (April 16, 1999)
Height: 15,2hh approx
Suitability: Companion

Alora is a senior mare who has unfortunately found herself on the bad luck train. She spent the early part of her life as a racehorse and then a broodmare for a number of years. Upon retirement from that, she was simply a pasture companion with the same group of horses she spent her broodmare life with. For close to 10 years, she was allowed to live her life with limited handling, just pulled out to have her feet done and get fed. Then sadly her owner fell ill and eventually passed away, and she and her mates were left to find homes. A number of them were taken in together, but Alora, being the bottom of the pecking order unfortunately was the one left to fend for the scraps and she landed in the condition she is in now. She has had her teeth floated and was vet checked just before arrival, so she is otherwise healthy and ready to begin her healing journey. She has been introduced to a re feeding program and is now cleared for turnout (which she is happiest with). She has a good appetite and LOTS of spirit so we have a good feeling about her future. We are introducing her system to ulcer medication treatments - because she has been through so much change and stress, there is the likelihood that ulcers are playing a factor. She is also being introduced to joint supplements, due to her age and her body is probably uncomfortable given the condition it is in. 

Alora will need sponsors, as we suspect she will be with us long-term!

$25.00 Monthly / Farrier Care (Filled - Thank you Steph!)

$50.00 Monthly / Feed & Treats (Filled - Thank you Jenn!)

$75.00 Monthly / Hay 

$100.00 Monthly / Vet

You can also choose a one-time donation for the following:

$40.00 / Ulcer Supplement Container (30 days)

$50.00 / Joint Supplement Container (30 days)
$60.00 / Craniosacral Therapy Treatment

$60.00 / PEMF Treatment

$80.00 / Massage Treatment

$120.00 / Chiropractor Treatment


: 20 Years Old (March 30, 2002)
Height: 16hh

Tori is a beautiful mare who was rescued from a kill pen in the summer of 2020 with severe damage to her knees. She was saved and brought back to Ontario, Canada but unfortunately in the summer of 2021, she was in need of another placement and we were asked to take her. Tori arrived to us needing some additional pounds and some help with her arthritis. Throughout the summer and fall of 2021, she thrived as she gained weight and even became sound enough to do some light riding. Tori's love of exploration and her tenacity is second to none. Unfortunately as winter progressed, it's clear that Tori's body has been worked hard and even with supplements and therapy, her long-term prognosis has dimmed. From the moment she stepped off the trailer, Tori proclaimed our foster home as "her home" and it might be why she 'growled' at anyone who came into the barn looking at horses to adopt. She has decided we are her people. 

We are working to try different medications for Tori, unfortunately at this time we feel the prognosis for her to be comfortable doing another winter is not ideal. Her pain is chronic and likely will need extremely heavy doses of medications to make it through winter time again. We do expect to see an improvement now that the nicer weather is here, which is when she was at her best in 2021. If she does not improve we will look at expediting our plans with Tori. 

At this time, our goal is to give Tori the summer to enjoy her retirement, work on some additional medications and treatments that may provide pain relief, and allow her the opportunity to pass peacefully before winter sets in again. Euthanasia is often a highly emotional issue, yet it is important to address the situation from a practical standpoint. We want what is best for Tori, and we feel that continuing to try to find her an adoptive home and risk putting her through additional pain and discomfort is not what is best for her. 

Tori deserves to have the opportunity to enjoy the last months of retirement and her life with dignity and care. We are hoping that there are individuals out there who have followed her story and would like to be a part of this last chapter of her journey. Below are some sponsorship options available specifically for Tori in our Compassionate Care system:

$5.00 MONTHLY (5 Sponsorships Available, 1 filled - thank you Amanda!)
$10.00 MONTHLY (34 Sponsorships Available, 1 filled - thank you Vickie!)

$20.00 MONTHLY (2 Sponsorships Available)

$50.00 MONTHLY (1 Sponsorship available, 1 filled - thank you Cindy!)

$75.00 MONTHLY (Filled, thank you Lauren!)

You can also choose to make a one-time donation to purchase feed, medications or therapy treatments for Tori.

Wish to visit Tori?

She is at our foster facility in Campbellford, Ontario