Sponsor A Horse In Our Program


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a horse through New Start Standardbreds!


Our equine sponsors are the backbone that allow us to help horses in need to receive veterinary care, hay, treats, and TLC that they need to succeed while awaiting for an adoptive home to come their way. As a sponsor, each month you will receive an email update on a horse that is being helped thanks to your kindness!


Each horse in our care can have 1 sponsorship per level.

You can find the list of available sponsorships and horses seeking sponsors below!




$25.00 / Farrier Care

$50.00 / Feed & Treats 

$75.00 / Hay 

$100.00 / Veterinary Care


MOONLIT TORI - 20 year old mare in foster care 

Farrier Care Sponsor:                                      Empty

Feed & Treats Sponsor:                                   FILLED (Thank you Cindy!)

Hay Sponsor:                                                       FILLED (Thank you Lauren!)

Veterinary Care Sponsor:                              Empty

DEALERS DREAM - 23 year old mare in foster care 

Farrier Care Sponsor:                                      FILLED (Thank you Steph!)

Feed & Treats Sponsor:                                   FILLED (Thank you Jenn!)

Hay Sponsor:                                                       Empty

Veterinary Care Sponsor:                              Empty


Click below to become a sponsor!

Be sure to put the horse you want to sponsor in the comment section of the donation form! When that horse is adopted, we will contact you to see if you wish to sponsor another horse or if you would like your sponsorship cancelled.