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Sponsor A Horse In Our Program

Monthly sponsors play a vital role in the sustenance and success of our horse rescue. Their commitment provides stability and support that directly impacts the lives of rescued equines. By becoming a monthly sponsor, individuals contribute to the daily care, medical needs, and overall well-being of the horses under our care. This consistent support ensures a steady flow of resources, allowing us to provide proper nutrition, veterinary care, shelter, and training for these animals.

The reliability of monthly sponsors empowers us to plan ahead and take on more rescue cases, knowing that there's ongoing financial support. Their contributions create a safety net, enabling us to respond swiftly to emergencies or unexpected medical needs that arise among the horses. This sustained support ultimately translates into transformed lives, as it allows us to focus on the rehabilitation and eventual rehoming of these majestic creatures.

Moreover, monthly sponsors become an integral part of our community, sharing in the journey of each horse they support. They receive updates, stories, and often have the opportunity to witness firsthand the positive impact of their generosity. Their involvement goes beyond financial assistance; it represents a commitment to the well-being and future of these horses, creating a meaningful and lasting difference in their lives


It's now individually catered to each horse & their needs. When you click the sponsorship button, you can just input the $ amount you'd like to donate & note which horse it's for! Please note that you do NOT need to fully fill a sponsorship spot for a horse - you can cover a partial amount of that sponsorship and share with someone!



25 year old mare, surrendered by someone who rescued her from going to auction, in emaciated condition.

Feed Sponsor ($75):                        100% FILLED (Thank you Thompson Family!)

Hay Sponsor ($75):                          100% FILLED (Thank you Thompson Family!)



20 year old mare, purchased from Amish privately. In permanent New Start sanctuary care.

Feed Sponsor ($50):                       100% FILLED (Thank you Jenn!)

Hay Sponsor ($50):                         100% FILLED (Thank you Jenn!)


16 year old mare, purchased from dealer shipping to slaughter. Currently in rehabilitation care, likely will need sanctuary placement.

Feed Sponsor ($75):                    VACANT 

Hay Sponsor ($75):                      VACANT 


16 year old mare, rescued from auction & in-foal due for a spring 2024 foal.

Feed Sponsor ($75):                    100% FILLED (Thank you Emily, Leslie, Holly, and Luisa!)

Hay Sponsor ($100):                    100% FILLED (Thank you Jane and Crystal!)


14 year old gelding, retired from racing with very bad dropped suspensories, currently in rehabilitation and just coming off stall rest.

Feed Sponsor ($75):                     75% FILLED (Thank you Ashley and Zina!)

Hay Sponsor ($150):                     75% FILLED (Thank you Mubina, Melanie, and Elaine!)

Stall Sponsor ($100):                   100% FILLED (Thank you Marlene!) 

Farrier Sponsor ($25):                 100% FILLED (Thank you Steph!)


23 year old mare, rescued from auction while pregnant, foal lost in April 2024

Farrier Care Sponsor ($25):      100% FILLED (Thank you Stacey!)

Feed Sponsor ($75):                    100% FILLED (Thank you Dianne!)

Hay Sponsor ($75):                      100% FILLED (Thank you Ian, Alyssa, and Alissa!)

Stall Sponsor ($100):                   100% FILLED (Thank you Jayne!)


23 year old gelding rescued from auction & in rehabilitation, likely will need sanctuary placement.

Farrier Care Sponsor ($25):        VACANT

Feed Sponsor ($75):                      VACANT 

Hay Sponsor ($150):                      VACANT 

Medication Sponsor ($75):           VACANT


Click below to become a sponsor!

Be sure to put the horse you want to sponsor in the comment section of the donation form! When that horse is adopted, we will automatically transfer your sponsorship to another horse in need. If you wish to cancel your sponsorship, you can do so at any time!

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