Memorial Page



February 25, 1995 - July 23, 2020


Sadly "Dallas" passed away from old age complications before she could find a retirement home to live out her days. She was surrounded by love from her long time caretakers. She will be extremely missed and we are sorry we couldn't find you a family of your own sweet girl!



January 30, 1995 - April 22, 2021


We learned of the sad news that one of our adopted horses crossed the rainbow bridge. Sweet Pantium, better known by his barn family as Romeo, was rescued in deplorable conditions back at Christmas - alongside his longtime pasture partner Timmy.

Both boys were cared for above and beyond by their foster mom, and subsequently adopted by one of his foster moms friends and boarders. Both of these amazing individuals have fought daily to ensure Romeo and Timmy had all they needed, and continue to fight for Timmy and his needs as he moves on without his friend.

Romeo laid down for his afternoon nap yesterday and passed away peacefully in his sleep. He felt no pain, did not struggle, and chose to pass on his own terms. It's clear that he was happy, so well loved, and content to lay down and let go of his worries.

His adoptive mom must now move forward to help Timmy continue to battle his laminitis, as well as cover the costs associated with the burial of Romeo.

"My troubles are all over, and I am at home." ~ Anna Sewell