OUR GOAL: $750.00






Current Raised: $50

** Become a team lead by donating $40 for a “round bale” 

** Give your team a name & share!!! 

** Encourage your friends to join your team by donating $5 towards a “square bale” 

The team “lead” with the most pledges towards their team at the end of the hay drive will win a fabulous gift basket of goodies as a THANK YOU for encouraging and contributing to our winter hay drive. 

Winter is fast approaching and we are preparing for horses needing emergency placements, as well as the horses we currently have in foster care that will need hay to get through the tough Ontario/Quebec winter months. This fundraiser is crucial to allow us the opportunity to help horses throughout the winter, instead of turning horses away to unknown fates. 

Please consider putting a team into our Winter Hay Drive Fundraiser and giving us a leg up to winter preparations!


As at October 27, 2021


Enter by sending an e-transfer to:

Make sure that your team donors put your team name in their e-transfer note so we can track teams!

FINDING FREEDOM FARM      -        $50.00