Our Funding Allocations


There will be various funding programs, which the Secretary-Treasurer will be in charge of ensuring accurate tracking of each fund. Should a situation or emergency arise that funds from one program are required to be used in another program, the Board of Directors must hold a vote to agree on the funds transfer.


These funding programs are;


FOSTER FUND – This fund is what is used to purchase the feed, supplements & hay required for all horses in emergency placements or in retraining situations. This money will be split between all facility foster homes. All homes must submit a monthly invoice to the Secretary-Treasurer, along with all receipts, in order to be reimbursed for their grain, supplements, (must be approved & recommended by a Veterinarian or by the Board of Directors), farrier and de-worming. 


KINDNESS & COMPASSIONATE CARE FUND – This program is focused on horses that have reached their life expectancy and require euthanasia. For one reason or another, their owner is unable to provide this for them. This fund will be used towards coverage of veterinary and burial/livestock removal costs associated with euthanasia. 


ADVERTISING FUND – This fund will be for other spending requirements – such as purchasing swag items, marketing materials, and fundraising upfront costs (i.e. booth rental). Money in this fund will only be spent after a Board of Directors vote to approve the spending of these funds. 


In order to manage funds efficiently, these policies are in place for all funds received by New Start Standardbreds:


ADOPTION FEES – This money will go directly to help future horses in our foster fund.


PRIVATE DONATIONS – This money will be split 50/50 with the Kindness & Compassionate Care fund, and the Foster Fund, unless specified by a donor or donated towards a specific cause as advertised by the organization.


FUNDRAISING – This is where the largest sums of money will come from. Each fundraising event will specify what particular fund it will be distributing funds to. There must be a minimum of three (3) fundraisers per year benefiting the Foster Fund and the Kindness & Compassionate Care Fund. A minimum of one (1) fundraiser per year will benefit our Advertising Fund.