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Our Euthanasia Policy



Euthanasia is a deeply difficult decision, one that our horse rescue approaches with utmost compassion, guided by the well-being and quality of life of the animals in our care. Our policy ensures that euthanasia is considered only after a thorough evaluation by our veterinary team and in alignment with the following principles:

Quality of Life Assessment: Any decision regarding euthanasia begins with a comprehensive assessment of the horse's health, pain level, prognosis, and overall quality of life. Our veterinary professionals, in consultation with experienced caregivers, evaluate the physical and emotional well-being of the horse.

Unmanageable Pain or Suffering: Euthanasia is considered when a horse is experiencing unmanageable pain or suffering that cannot be alleviated through reasonable medical or palliative care. This decision prioritizes the animal's comfort and prevents undue distress.

Incurable or Severe Conditions: When a horse suffers from an incurable or severe condition that significantly compromises its quality of life and where long-term treatment options are limited or unfeasible, euthanasia may be considered as a humane option.

Behavioural or Safety Concerns: In cases where a horse poses a severe safety risk to itself or others due to untreatable behavioral issues that compromise its welfare or the safety of caregivers, euthanasia might be considered as a last resort after exploring all available alternatives.

Ethical and Responsible Decision-making: Decisions regarding euthanasia are made with the utmost care, following ethical considerations and best practices in animal welfare. Input from veterinary professionals, caregivers, and, if applicable, the rescue's board of directors is sought to ensure a consensus-driven decision-making process.

New Start is committed to transparency and compassion in every aspect of our operations, including the difficult decision of euthanasia. We approach this process with the utmost respect for the lives entrusted to our care, striving to uphold their dignity and well-being throughout their time with us.

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