Our Ethics Policy


New Start Standardbreds holds itself to the highest ethical standards. All Directors, and all volunteers will continuously contribute to improving how New Start Standardbreds operates on a day to day basis. No members will abuse their position or expect preferential treatment.

No member of New Start Standardbreds will take advantage or benefits from information obtained during the course of their time within the organization. All members protect all information regarding New Start Standardbreds, and will not release or share confidential information without written permission from the person providing it.


Members understand the resources that they are trusted with on behalf of New Start Standardbreds, and work to help in establishing policies that work to secure and protect those resources. All members seek approval of all expenses, and if approved by the Board, will be reimbursed by the New Start Standardbreds Secretary/Treasurer, or in their absence, the New Start Standardbreds President.


Representing New Start Standardbreds both informally and formally to other associations, societies, government officials, and business representatives, is a duty that is embraced by all members of the organization. They recognize that they should leave others with a positive impression of New Start Standardbreds. Members work to enhance the good reputation of New Start Standardbreds, and avoid behaviour that may damage the image of the organization. 


The New Start Standardbreds President ensures that the practice of this policy is fair, just, and equitable in all situations. The President is responsible for immediate interpretation, application and enforcement of the Ethics Policy. 


Any complaints concerning a possible Ethics violation should be made in writing to, or by, the President, with a copy provided to the complainant. The President shall make an initial determination of the issue and shall attempt initial resolution of the problem with the complainer and the complainant.  Complaints can be made anonymously and submitted to the President or Vice-President as an anonymous complaint. The President or Vice-President are required to respect confidentiality. 


If this initial attempt at resolution is not successful, the President shall appoint a tribunal composed of two (2) Directors to investigate the complaint. The tribunal is required to investigate as required and submit a written report to the President within fifteen (15) days. The President will render their decision within five (5) days of receiving the tribunal’s report. The President's decision may be appealed in writing to the Board, for consideration the Board’s next regular meeting. The final decision shall be delivered in writing to the complainer and complainant. 


Should the President by the subject of a written complaint, the Vice-President shall perform the duties normally assigned to the President in this matter.


Penalties imposed for breaching the Ethics Policy may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Excluding the Director from any and all discussions related to the stated conflict of interest regarding the complaint;

  • Removal of the Director from the organization by a resolution passed by a vote of the remaining Directors.