Kindness & Compassionate Care


New Start Standardbreds provides a kindness & compassionate care program. This program is focused on horses that have reached their life expectancy and require euthanasia. For one reason or another, their owner is unable to provide this for them. 

Owners are required to provide a level of responsibility, but the ultimate goal of the kindness & compassionate care program is for horses to be allowed a peaceful ending, as opposed to ending up at auction and at high risk of purchase by a dealer or meat buyer.


The horse must fit the guidelines outlined in our euthanasia policy. 

The owner of the horse must provide reason why they are unable to provide a euthanasia option for the horse. The following options are considered reasonable:

  • Financial reasoning

  • Personal belief or inability to handle a euthanasia option

  • Injury, death or illness to the animals primary caregiver

  • Other: as approved by the Board of Directors

The owner of the horse must be willing to agree and choose one of the following options;

  • Provide financial assistance for the cost of the euthanasia veterinary bill

  • Provide or organize a place for the horse to be euthanized and/or buried

Special circumstances may arise where the owner is unable to provide one of the above options. This will be taken to the Board of Directors for a vote on whether to move forward and provide assistance.



If an owner is unable to provide or organize a place for the horse to be euthanized and/or buried, New Start Standardbreds will retain responsiblity for organizing a private farm or veterinary facility where the euthanasia will take place. This location must not be more than 50km away from their living situation. 

Unless there is an inability for the time frame, horses will reside at the location for a maximum of ten (10) days prior to euthanasia, to allow for kindness and end of life love and affection. This is not always possible due to location restrictions or animal health and is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

If the owner can provide a place for euthanasia and/or burial to take place, then arrangements and steps will proceed from there.

The Veterinary and burial/livestock removal date will be arranged prior to the horse being moved (if required). 

If an owner wishes to cover the cost of the veterinary bill, the bill will be directed to New Start Standardbreds, and an invoice will be sent to the owner, to be due within 30 days of receipt. If an owner is struggling to cover the payment, a payment plan will be accepted, to be split in to three (3) months. 

A New Start Standardbreds representative will be on site during the euthanasia process. The expectation will be for this to be a Director, however location may not be plausible, wherein a Champion or delegate can be assigned. 



The New Start Standardbreds Kindness & Compassionate Care program will be accessible only if funding is available. There will be a separate account, where individuals or businesses can choose to donate directly towards this initiative. 

Full euthanasia costs approximately $500.00 per horse.