Meet Our 2022 - 2023 Team!


Kimberly is the co-founder of New Start Standardbreds and brings us 6+ years of working with rehoming Standardbreds, as well as 10+ years being around the racing industry. She owns two retired Standardbreds of her own, and while she does not actively compete, she does extensive trail riding and also organizes a fun gymkhana show series annually in her area. She works full time as an Executive Assistant and gives her free time to the horses! Her main focus is finding the right partnerships for both horse and rider. Kimberly also fosters New Start horses at a farm she boards in Trent Hills, Ontario; with a focus on horses needing rehabilitation and trail riding miles.

Jasmine also co-founded New Start Standardbreds and has been working with Standardbreds for 6+ years. She previously worked with off-the-track Thoroughbreds but has switched gears now to focusing on Standardbreds! She owns a retired Standardbred of her own and brings experience working in a variety of different environments - including working on a "dude resort" in Africa. She does not show her horses and chooses to focus on promoting Standardbreds as safe family and trail horses. Jasmine works alongside Kimberly to care for horses at a facility in Trent Hills, Ontario.


Maggie has spent over 10 years involved in the horse industry. She has been with New Start Standardbreds since it's inception in 2020 and has worked to find many Standardbreds loving new homes. At the beginning of her horse journey, Maggie hopped between any barn she could set foot in, before being offered a retired Standardbred mare of her own. A family member had gotten her from a rescue situation and together they worked to break and train her to ride. Her mare outran horses much younger than her for many years before they had to make the ultimate decision based on her health to have her put to sleep. Maggie's current ride is a Standardbred gelding who was a successful racehorse and Racing Under Saddle competitor, before being retired. She is also an active foster and layover home for New Start Standardbreds when her facility has the space available, including fostering the first "rescue" horse for New Start in 2020, Mickey. She has some experience being a groom for Standardbreds and would love the opportunity to get back into and learn even more about the racing side! She also lives on a dairy farm outside of Listowel, Ontario, runs her own small business and also has a small pastured chicken business. 

Karen has 20+ years of experience in the Standardbred racing industry and still is actively involved in racing, along with her family. She is well known by many in the industry and highly encourages racing participants to seek adoption societies to place their horses through to ensure safe homes! She's placed many horses through adoption programs over the years and loves seeing them excel in new careers. We are thrilled to have Karen's expertise and understanding of the industry on our team.