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Age: 3 Years Old (May 21, 2018)
Height: approx. 14.3hh + growing
Suitability: Anything, with training

Bumby is a spunky young filly with lots of personality! She stands tied for grooming, is great to handle all four feet and is good for the farrier. She is UTD on her deworming and tetanus shot but will need any additional inoculations. She trained down to race, however an accident as a foal to her gaskin limited her ability to get up to the high speeds needed to be a competitive racehorse, and so she is ready for a new career instead. The old injury will not limit her ability in an under saddle career with proper monitoring and training. 

Bumby has an amazing personality that combines smart with playful and a little bit of spice. She is very much still a baby and it comes through in her training, she does benefit from short, slow and consistent work. She will take advantage of an inexperienced handler and can be a bit pushy if not corrected. She is not the type of horse that can sit and only be worked once a week as her baby brain forgets things fairly quickly. She does show some resistance by popping up if asked to do new tasks she feels uncertain about, but offers no bad or dangerous vices, she overall enjoys work and being around people! 

She will canter if pushed so it is in there, it just needs the continued consistency. Currently she has been working on lunging, desensitization, standing and tying calmly, and she has been saddled and backed; but due to her young age, that is as far as we have currently pushed her. Bumby has the ability to go in any direction and will make someone an amazing partner with the right foundation. 

Located in Dundalk, Ontario


Age: 13 Years Old (April 2, 2008)
Height: approx. 16hh
Suitability: Light Pleasure Riding/Trails

Junior is an unraced gelding who does best when he has a job and is in consistent work. Junior has been off due to a stifle and hock injury, but has been cleared to return to work - and he is eager to get at it! Unfortunately he is not clicking with his owner anymore and she would like to find him someone who better suits his personality and his needs. 

Due to the injury, Junior is unable to do ring work or circle work (lunging, etc.) however he would be excellent for a lightweight (under 180lb) rider looking for a W/T trail partner. He has extensive riding experience in his past and it won't take much to get him back into regular work. He does need a refresher because of his time off. Junior can be quite pushy on the ground and so is not suited for a beginner handler. We recommend a quiet, confident and experienced rider looking for a partner to create a bond with! Junior is also not a fan of trailering and while he's working on it, we do recommend he finds a home fairly close to his current location. 

Please note that while he currently does not need Previcox, he may need it in the future to help alleviate any stiffness or discomfort because of the injury. Someone experienced in knowing how to properly handle horses coming back into a riding program after an injury would be an asset. Included in the listing is a recent video of Junior in the field to share his current soundness. He will be heading to a facility to receive some refresher training while he awaits a home to come along.

Located in Essex, Ontario


* fee is negotiable to the right home

as of June 11, 2021

Age: 17 Years Old (March 3, 2004)
Height: approx. 15.1hh
Suitability: Pleasure Riding/Trails

Maman is a super well broke mare with trail miles galore! She currently has a foal at her side, which will be weaned before she can leave for her new home (likely September) however this lovely lady is worth the wait! Maman is not spooked by traffic, tractors, and has done multiple Tim Horton's drive thru runs. She is sound, sane and suitable for anyone from your grandma to your child. She is absolutely worth her weight in gold! Her owner has owned her for the past 10 years, but is hoping to find this girl her next family to enjoy her retirement from being a mom with.  Beginner safe and Beginner friendly.

She is worth every penny being asked for this girl! She will not last long, with multiple viewings already in the works.

Located in Grand Valley, Ontario


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