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Age: 12 Years Old (April 17, 2009)

Height: approx. 15-15.2hh

Suitability: Anything, with training

Unfortunately Miley is just not going to make a broodmare and her owners would love for her to find a home to begin an under saddle career. She has not been ridden and is not for a beginner for this reason. Approximately 15-15.2hh and no soundness issues. Miley had an extremely successful race career with $275,000 made in 74 starts. A nice quality mare will make a lovely riding horse. She is taking up space in a broodmare barn so ideally needs a home sooner than later! Miley is available for direct adoption or foster.

Located in Burlington, Ontario


A donation to help future horses in need is appreciated.



Age: 13 Years Old (February 23, 2008)

Height: approx. 16hh

Suitability: Trails/Companion

Thunder is a handsome and quirky 13 year old trotting-bred gelding who is now retired and ready for a quiet non-race home.​ He was the family pet during his race career and so his owners want only the absolute best home for him - they are in no rush for him to find that right family! Thunder had an extensive race career and has some knocks, lumps and bumps that make him best suited as a trail/pleasure horse, or he would also make an excellent companion. He is a bit quirky and needs the right person who can take a joke and get along with him without fighting with him. He is not for a beginner but has been ridden by confident advanced beginners around the farm and he's very willing to let someone on his back - however - he has no real formal under-saddle training. He is more go than whoa and should be started from the beginning to ensure he has a well-rounded foundation for the long-term future of his adopters partnership with him! He is available for direct adoption.

Located in Guelph, Ontario


A donation to help future horses in need is appreciated.


In Training


Age: 3 Years Old (May 21, 2018)

Height: approx. 14.2hh + growing

Suitability: Anything, with training

Bumby is a spunky young filly with a lot of personality! She is UTD on her farrier and de-worming, and tetanus. Due to her young age, she requires an experienced handler as she still has a lot of "baby moments". She is learning her manners but will still nip or act up on a lead at times. She has been trained down to race however an accident as a foal has limited her capabilities to get up to race speed and her owners have chosen to find her an alternative career instead. As a foal she had a torn muscle around her gaskin that required a lot of rehabilitation. She is 100% sound now but we recommend a flat career as we cannot confirm if this old injury will limit her abilities as a jumper or western gaming horse.

Bumby is currently scheduled to head into training. Once she has received an assessment and a minimum of 30 days of under saddle training, she will then be back up for adoption if she is ready!

Located in Dundalk, Ontario


In Rehabilitation


Age: 10 Years Old (March 7, 2011)

Height: 16hh

Suitability: TBD

Neo is an Ontario-bred gelding rescued from a slaughter pen in the USA. He is currently in rehabilitation foster due to his serious leg trauma and working on his weight gain. His personality is beginning to show and he is a very cheeky horse. He has been abused at one time as he is quite nervous when you move too fast or speak too loudly. He loves a routine and is very quick to learn new things. He is currently on stall rest with limited individual turnout as he was seen by a veterinarian and diagnosed with a slipped hock and torn suspensories. Neo will likely be available for adoption in the next couple months, depending his recovery and possible future capabilities.

April 10, 2021 Update: Neo is still on stall rest with limited individual turnout when there is no mud. He is healing well and is in high spirits. He shows the potential that if his suspensories are able to heal up completely in the next few months, he may have the ability to be a casual trail horse. The slipped hock will need continued maintenance for life, but he otherwise seems to be on his road to making a pretty remarkable recovery. He does have nasal discharge out his right side when running or when he stressed - it may be related to trauma in the nasal cavity but the vet found no concerns. 

Located in Trent Hills, Ontario


Age: 18 Years Old (March 4, 2003)

Height: approx. 15.2hh

Suitability: TBD

Ben is an Ontario-raced gelding rescued from a slaughter pen in the USA. He is currently in foster rehabilitation care. He needs extensive weight gain and to heal from some physical ailments as well, including a tooth root abscess and the long overgrown toes & heavy mismatched road shoes that he also came with. His personality is beginning to show and his foster mom adores him. Ben may be up for adoption in the next few months if his foster mom doesn't decide to adopt him herself!

April 10, 2021 Update: Ben has been gaining weight nicely. He has had his teeth floated and thankfully did not need any teeth removed, which was initially suspected. He does have some other dental issues due to lack of care over the years, so will be floated every 3 months until his teeth are back to where they should be. He is recovering nicely from a lice infestation but it will take some time for his hair to grow back in completely. 

Located in Elmira, Ontario


Age: 16 Years Old (March 22, 2005)

Height: approximately 15.3hh

Suitability: TBD

Korvette is an Ontario-born & raced gelding rescued from a slaughter pen in the USA. He is currently in rehabilitation foster care to get him 100% back to a healthy weight and see what his future capabilities are. He came with extremely long and overgrown toes with heavy road shoes on. He seems to be sound at this point and will be assessed for his riding capabilities once he is ready. He has a very kind and gentle personality and seems eager to please! Korvette will potentially be up for adoption in the next month or so if he continues to improve in his weight gain and assessment. 

April 10, 2021 Update: Korvette has accepted a rider and went W/T on a lunge line with no hesitation - definitely uncertain but a typical willing Standardbred. He sees the vet this week as he has been dropping feed and his mouth is uncomfortable, so will get a float. Once he's had his teeth floated, he will go on a weight gain diet. He does have wobbly stifles; but that is not uncommon in Standardbreds (especially those who have been worked hard). Muscle & weight gain will help, however at this time he won't be recommended for a ring-work home and would do best doing trails or pleasure riding.

Located in Dundalk, Ontario

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