2021 Standardbred Retraining Project

Trainer Application

Trainers will be chosen by our project committee. They must submit a video that showcases their abilities, their experiences, and why they want to be involved in the project. Should a trainer be chosen by the committee, they will be given the opportunity to accept the invitation or decline the invitation without penalty.



  • Must have current liability insurance that is provided to the committee prior to receiving a horse

  • Must have the ability to do on-camera speaking

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Be willing/able to submit weekly training videos through YouTube or Dropbox

  • Be able to compete in both English and western disciplines


Trainers will be provided with a GoPro and Accessories to video training sessions. They will be required to submit weekly session videos for the purpose of promotion. Trainers will also be required to submit 5 “Interview Style” videos throughout the training time to talk about how training is going and answer questions.

Trainers will be required to get the horse from it’s point of origin to their facility to begin the training process. Trainers will receive $200.00 monthly towards general care of their project horse. They will be provided the opportunity to adopt the horse themselves or receive $300.00 in reimbursement when the horse is adopted. All farrier and massage treatment care will be provided throughout the 90 days. All veterinary work (teeth, shots) will be completed prior to competition start. If a horse is injured during a training session, the veterinary bills will be covered by the project but may result in the trainer not receiving the adoption reimbursement if the injury removes the horse from the competition.

Trainers may choose their own path, goals with their horse however should note what is expected at the competition day. Trainers will be expected to submit their Freestyle routine and any requests a minimum of 7 days before the competition to allow for the committee to ensure they have access to everything they need.


Trainers will have their names drawn at random. The order of the draw will determine the order of choosing which horse they would like. Trainers will be given only certain information on the horses available: Age, Name, Location, Race History & a Conformation Photo.

If there is an issue with a horse/trainer combination, then the committee will offer a replacement horse to the trainer to decide if they wish to proceed with the horse they have or choose the replacement. The best horses will be chosen for the competition, and so there is no guarantee that a replacement will have the same capabilities.

On competition day, winner's will receive a trophy and physical prizes.

There is no monetary prize money outside what is noted trainers will receive as far as compensation.

2021 Trainer Application
Deadline is March 1, 2021

Thanks for submitting!