What is the 2021 Standardbred Retraining Project?

Standardbreds are one of the most underrated equine breeds as a riding horse. They are known for their high speeds and their trot/pace gaits in a race sulky, however their versatility and abilities as an under-saddle horse are often overlooked. Many people believe that because these horses are trained to pull a cart and use different gaits, that they are not capable of competing in events under saddle that other breeds can do.

The goal of the Standardbred Retraining Project is to promote the abilities of the Standardbred as an under saddle horse, as well as provide a platform for trainers to showcase their skills and abilities on how different people from different areas of expertise, can work with these horses and bring them along to be successful.

Standardbreds who have completed their racing careers are often sold as buggy horses to continue a hard work lifestyle, or they are left to sit in a field. Standardbreds are incredibly intelligent, and they love to have a job. Our aim to provide people the chance to see these horses competing and succeeding – and hope that more people will want to take on a Standardbred as an under-saddle horse in the future.

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