2021 Standardbred Retraining Project

Horse For The Project

Horses will be selected for the project by the planning committee. These horses will be “donated” by their owners for the training project, with the goal of finding permanent adoptive homes at the end of the competition. Each horse will be required to fit the criteria. Additional horses may be discussed as potential backups in case there is an injury or issue with a horse during the first two weeks of the training time. If there is an injury or issue outside of after the first two weeks, a trainer may choose to have a late backup or withdraw from the competition. The horse that cannot complete the project will have the opportunity to be returned to their previous owner or will enter the adoption program and be sent to a foster home.



  • Must be a registered Standardbred. Must have a freeze brand, lip tattoo or microchip.

  • Must have competed in a minimum of 1 racing start during their career.

  • Must have been off the track for a minimum of 3 months prior to training project start.

  • Be over 4 years of age.

  • Be sound, have no (or 100% healed) past injuries.

  • With training, must be capable of WTC and low-level jumping/western gaming.

  • NO Stallions.


Horses in the project will be up for adoption. Trainers will have the first 60 days of the program to acknowledge their intent to sign an adoption agreement at the end of the competition and keep their horse. If a trainer chooses to adopt, there will be no adoption fee required to be paid by the trainer. If a trainer waives their intent to adopt, then after 60 days in training, the horses will actively be listed for adoption at a fee of $500. If an adopter is found, they will have the ability to plan to pick up the horse at the end of the competition day. If a trainer chooses to adopt after the horse has actively gone on the market for adoption, they will then be required to pay the adoption fee.

If a horse does not find an adoptive home prior to the competition day, arrangements will be made for that horse to enter the foster program once the competition has concluded. At that time, the horse’s adoption fee will go to $1,000 until a home is found.

Trainers will receive a $300 reimbursement when their training horse is adopted.
If a trainer chooses to adopt the horse themselves, there is no reimbursement.

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